That's it, so far. We're celebrating our first anniversary at this site, and we've added and changed quite a bit during that time. We've also welcomed and heard from people throughout the world. Thanks for all your comments.

We've just started to curate the photographic wing, which will grow quickly if we can just find those missing boxes of prints. Meanwhile, hope your journey through our gallery was enjoyable, and, as always, let us know what you thought of it.

And for all those who have inquired, sorry, no, we still have no current plans to sell stuff from this site, but if you are interested in a particular poster, we will put you on our "someday" list if you send us your email address.

To answer another oft asked question, the *Nekos* on the masthead above are Boo!, Minke, and Marley, our Maine Coolin' Cats.

Cheers --
Su. Suttle
Neko Studios SF