Shows in Santa Cruz & Pismo Beach
Produced by Parallax Productions, KZOZ and Oblique

This poster is reprinted in Paul Grushkin's book The Art of Rock, Abbeville Press, 1987.

This was the second poster I created for Talking Heads by photographing other talking heads off of the television. The photos were randomly selected from news and entertainment programs in September and October of 1978.

The first poster was created and posted in September 78 and had a picture of John Paul I on it. He died on September 28th, having been Pope for 3 weeks. The second poster, (above) for shows at the end of November, 1978, has a picture of San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk on it, taken while he was debating John Briggs, the sponsor of the infamous Proposition 6 -- The Briggs Initiative -- which would have barred homosexuals from teaching positions in California. (The proposition lost in the statewide November election.)

Supervisor Milk was the first openly gay elected official in San Francisco. He was assassinated on November 27, 1978 by a man who had resigned as a Supervisor, decided he wanted to regain the job, and was denied reappointment by Mayor George Moscone. The man then went on a calculated rampage and killed Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk, to the horror and outrage of the citizens of San Francisco. He was subsequently convicted of the charge of manslaughter and served a short sentence. Within a month of his release, he committed suicide.

I stopped making posters which involved taking photos of people off of a TV.

-- Su. Suttle

There are 2 versions of this poster, one for each venue. / print run: 500 each venue
/ Size: 11 x 17 inches / 2 color mechanical (1 split fount.)