MILAGRO was released in 1992 as a tribute to
Bill Graham and Miles Davis.
The photo on the front is Carlos at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. It was taken by Steve "Killer" Kahn when Bill took the Band on tour to Europe and Israel in 1987. The inscription on the original reads: "We share the memory - Love - Bill"
On the back is a photo of Bill and Miles together backstage during the Amnesty International Tour (1986).

"Music is the sigh of the oppressed masses.
It is the heart in a heartless world." -- Bill Graham

"Play and Pray. Pray and Play." -- Miles Davis

It is proper to leave an offering when you ask for a Milagro (miracle). If your plea is for your leg to be healed, you leave a small icon of a leg; if your heart needs healing, you would leave a heart-shaped icon. These small charms are themselves called "milagros" and are made of clay, wood, or metal. The milagros on the cover were adapted from an original silkscreen created by Michael Roman.