You Are -- Be Brothers 1993

An independent release from Tarmo and Thomas Urb, singers who fled their native Estonia running from the KGB. At the time, Estonia was annexed to the USSR and ruled by Moscow. Tarmo and Thomas defied the stricture that only the official language, Russian, was to be used, and instead sang traditional songs in Estonian. Because of their immense popularity, the government ordered their arrest, but a friend with ties to the KBG warned them and they escaped, leaving their families behind.

They now travel the world performing wherever people are gathered to promote Human Rights, Environmental Issues and World Peace. It is fitting that at one such conference they were able to meet with Mikail Gorbachev who now has one of their albums. Since the break-up of the USSR, they have returned several times to visit Estonia, but have chosen to remain based in the USA. They recently became citizens.

You may contact Tarmo and Thomas by leaving a message at
Kuu Unlimited: 212 604-4880.
The cover image is adapted from photos by Eric Gies.